Hectic Time

Bovbjerg Lighthouse

Bovbjerg Lighthouse

My internship has been really interesting so far, and I have had the opportunity to work with many different tasks which is really nice – and also means that I am kept fairly busy.

I have been involved with fundraising, project development, facilitation, heritage dissemination, rural development, research and a heap of project secretary tasks, newsletter production, blogging and human resource management.

I’m learning a lot, meeting so many nice people and making a few mistakes here and there as well. That’s life though.

‘Home Front Dean’ Commemoration Event Brings the First World War 

‘Home Front Dean’ Commemoration Event Brings the First World War 

I think I might need to visit when I come to the Forest. A shame I will miss the event, but might catch the exhibition.

Visit the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean

2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War and the Dean Heritage Centre, in Soudley, has a weekend of activities planned to commemorate the centenary.

Centre staff will be polishing their buttons and shining their boots as they prepare for a special “Home Front Dean” event on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd  August 2014.

The two day event will be a commemorative weekend with nostalgic music from the ‘Marjorie Belles’ singing trio and the Forest of Dean Male Voice Choir, ration themed cooking demonstrations from Harts Barn Cookery school, engaging theatre from ‘Spaniel in the Works’ and fascinating talks by the FW Harvey society.

malevoicechoir Forest of Dean Male Voice Choir

Matthew Lightstone will be showing his 2013 short film ‘Ralph’. The film is a moving account based on the true story of his great, great uncle’s time in the war…

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Ninja Exhibition

It all started like a bit of a joke. Well, a joke and a need to show how an exhibition could look, for the project on Body Image which is due to be handed in next Monday. So we wanted to put a few pictures on a white wall, take a few photos and just get the feel across as an appendix to the project.

Then my group mate said – shame we can’t do it for real- would be fun to do it here, at school. And I didn’t like her disappointed face, so I believe I said something like… why don’t we do a ninja exhibition, exclusively short, only a few hours, next Wednesday – invite the others – we’ll do it in the sneaky corner under the stairs.

Don’t we have to ask first?

Nope, we’ll ask for foregiveness if needed, but no one should be bothered by a few pictures on an otherwise empty wall.

That’s when the printer then decided to not want to print colours.

I’d already started the day by introducing my group mate to croquis – not quite right but I’d found a few pictures for us to draw from on the smartboard and thrown some crayons at her and said: Draw! And she’d blushed and laughed and got on with it and now we had the other part of the exhibition: The Life Models. Hers would be the photographs of natural women.

I’m sure it will be fun. Primitive. Ninja’d. But fun.

Thinking Hats

The first project I did was a bit of a challenge – we were three people in the group and 2 of us worked together really well. The 3rd person was really hard to figure out, maybe in part due to their preference for smoking weed.

I wanted to try something else this time and I am working with a really nice Romanian girl – one of those people who get really enthusiastic about things. Sometimes, that can be a bit challenging for my Nordic temper, but it’s also a really interesting experience to work with someone who sees everything for the first time.

I’m 15 years older than her, you see, and I’ve seen a lot of stuff.

However, she is really happy when she can be creative and think out of the box. We had a bit of trouble getting started – there’s always a period of reading a little, talking a little and testing a little – and I really wanted to hear her opinion and preferences, but she was a bit timid. I generally tend to know what I want, but I really want people to be free to speak their mind.

What to do…

So I came up with the idea that we should fold our Thinking Hats in coloured paper. We fooled around with that for a few minutes, got all the hats made and talked about what each hat represented. For the rest of the day, she kept reminding me what hat we were using, or even that we’d forgotten them! I smiled.

The next time, the hats got delegated based on what we were best at and most comfortable with – she now has 3 of them, so when I call them, she’s boss.

I hope that will create a bit more balance. At least it got rid of the tense atmosphere and the ideas started flowing and viewpoints were exchanged in a generally calm and trusting environment.

Next stop: Naturism

The problem statement for my next project is taking form. I will be writing it with a fellow student and we will look at how art and advertisement change the female body ideal and how we might get back to a more realistic sense of how we look and should look. She will be looking into art and I will be looking into live modelling and naturism as ways of getting back into an immediate relationship to oneself.

I am starting to think about places to get data and who it might be good to interview.

Projects are always interesting in an intercultural education like mine – and at the same time tricky because Stuart Hall gets in the way. Well, not Stu himself but the idea that one can send out something with the best of intentions but if the receiver is not close enough to you in a cultural sense, your preferred reading of your intentions can be turned into an opposing understanding. I am hoping this time it will be a bit simpler to land on something that we can be happy with and that the process can be a bit more pleasant, too.

It’s going to be great fun though, I know it. The project topic is one that really matters to me.