Been out for a walk today, just through the park. Listened to the beech mast falling from the huge trees and thought to myself “I know this sound…” and then it dawned on me that it sounds quite like a camp fire. The little pops and cracks sound very similar. I sat there for a while, smiling.

I’ve been doing another one of my sketches as well, nothing special, just a few fungi.


My life as a fairy

If I were a fairy, I’m sure this is how the world would look today:


Now, of course I’m not a fairy, but I was out for another walk in the forest, this time with my friend, our study council chairman. We had a long chat and saw a lot of fungi. It’s that time of year now, where the sky is unimaginably blue and the leaves are copper, yellow and red. My heart skips a few beats over the beauty of it all, and at the same time sinks, because of a melancholic sense of loss.

I also had the chance to dip my toes in a blue and green sea, and my! is it cold now. But having the opportunity to walk barefoot in the sand and look at the orange of the hawthorn and listen to the waves of the sea and the waves of the rushes was really welcome before another week of project work.

Moving Coastline

The Crescent Anchor

Along the rugged line of sand

the black teeth of the groynes

protrude, and guard the strip of land.

A pirate smiles, purloins…

The cliff is frowning at the sea,

the taste of salty tears

the church, the anchor, cannot flee

– it won’t be many years

until the graves they made on land

– with lichen-covered stones they stand –

will join the crushing waves that ate

the ones of lesser fate.


Nature Experience Plan Result

Now I have a first edition – a couple of things I would like to do, a few things which always make me happy, a couple places to go, a theme or two and that’s it, basically. You will probably see that for me, trees are important, and that I use my camera to notice things that I would probably otherwise miss.

I wonder if you have a nature experience plan yourself? As you can see, it doesn’t have to be very elaborate and you don’t need special skills or access to amazingly special nature. It’s all about seeing what you already have or can easily get to.

I expect mine will be updated every few months too – as I find new things I want to explore, get familiar with other areas and take more photographs.

Want a look at mine?


Here is my nature experience plan.

Nature Experience Plan

I picked up this idea from a book I’ve been reading lately – to make a nature experience plan.

So, I’m going to try to do that. Identify where I can go, which animals I’m likely to meet there, what flowers are around, which trees. Jot down a few notes on what’s special about different places. Make a wish list of things I’d like to discover and learn more about but haven’t yet.

It’s a simple way to make the most of the nature around you, and I really liked the idea, so that’s what I’ll be doing today, I think.

You can have a picture of some of the scenery around where I live – this is from my recent tent trip.


Mårup Church and the Buried Lighthouse at Rubjerg Knude.