‘Home Front Dean’ Commemoration Event Brings the First World War 

‘Home Front Dean’ Commemoration Event Brings the First World War 

I think I might need to visit when I come to the Forest. A shame I will miss the event, but might catch the exhibition.

Visit the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean

2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War and the Dean Heritage Centre, in Soudley, has a weekend of activities planned to commemorate the centenary.

Centre staff will be polishing their buttons and shining their boots as they prepare for a special “Home Front Dean” event on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd  August 2014.

The two day event will be a commemorative weekend with nostalgic music from the ‘Marjorie Belles’ singing trio and the Forest of Dean Male Voice Choir, ration themed cooking demonstrations from Harts Barn Cookery school, engaging theatre from ‘Spaniel in the Works’ and fascinating talks by the FW Harvey society.

malevoicechoir Forest of Dean Male Voice Choir

Matthew Lightstone will be showing his 2013 short film ‘Ralph’. The film is a moving account based on the true story of his great, great uncle’s time in the war…

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Matchstalk Men

Keep returning to this song and this artist, especially since some of my own random drawings turned out quite like his, even long before I ever heard of L.S. Lowry. I’d like to go and see The Lowry some day. For me, it’s a real shame they don’t accept interns.

The Lowry


Learning new software

A couple of weeks ago, I walked into the Local History & Archives library and said something to the effect of ‘Hello, please teach me something relevant to my field.’ Of course, I used some slightly different words and the lady said: I’m afraid we don’t have any money to pay you and that the tasks we need to get done are perhaps too boring for someone who likes to work with interpreting things. Office tasks.

I said: That’s perfect! I have a few hours spare. How’s Tuesdays for you guys? Well, I didn’t say that quite like that either, but you get my drift.

Why is it perfect? Because I like to know all the work that goes into something before some front stage monster like me comes around and puts the icing on the cake. Because it teaches me skills. Gives me more contacts. Teaches me to adjust in a new workplace. Gets me more knowledge about my town. Because it might lead to problem statements for later projects. Because it teaches me more respect for other professions in my field and enables me to communicate better. Loads of good reasons.

So now I am doing data entries and editing records in a database of pictures of the town I live in. My ‘boss’ was impressed that she didn’t have to say things too many times. I have the advantage of having learned how to build basic databases myself so I can see behind the scenes and follow the logic, thanks to a friend who spent a few weekends teaching me. Thank you, friend.

Before I left, boss told me she would ask their nature interpreter to maybe let me tag along for one of their events. See, I am already getting more in return than what I put in.