Another semester gone

I had my exam today. My project was on how to design a picnic area for two very different types of visitors – German tourists and adolescents with dyslexia. The design I proposed was part of defining values, providing nature interpretation and upgrading infrastructure around a nature trail – and this again is a child project of a larger project about promoting the Raised Bog of Store Vildmore and the surrounding area.

I had been nervous. Most of my fellow students were doing festivals and campaigns aimed at the public while mine was aimed in the first instance at other professionals who are now working to implement my idea – graphical designers, architects and people in operations.

It was a small budget project – around £15,000 – but it has given me a valuable insight into projects of this kind.

The project manager for the parent project was there for my presentation and she has just texted me how proud she is. So am I, as I got top marks.

Below is a small drawing which is going to be part of the nature interpretation.



Been out for a walk today, just through the park. Listened to the beech mast falling from the huge trees and thought to myself “I know this sound…” and then it dawned on me that it sounds quite like a camp fire. The little pops and cracks sound very similar. I sat there for a while, smiling.

I’ve been doing another one of my sketches as well, nothing special, just a few fungi.