Sketch for a landing page

In Cultures and Destination Branding, we had a small assignment and we were only given two days to do it – two days which for me were already booked with loads of meetings and tasks.

Design a communication product promoting your dream destination…

Well, my dream destination is the Forest of Dean – I think it always will be. I was there this summer for the second time and it was brilliant.

Okay then, I contacted Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Tourism Association to hear what information they had on their visitors and luckily, they were really quick and gave me their 2014 visitor survey, so I was able to get an idea about the typical visitor.

After fiddling for a while with a poster and the idea of holiday photographs having been dropped on the floor, I decided to go for a more symmetrical expression and make a web landing page which encouraged interactions via Instagram. This has some disadvantages as this requires internet access but as 90 percent+ of visitors are domestic tourists, it should work.

I am not a designer and I didn’t have access to Photoshop or InDesign for this task, so it’s a really basic idea about how things could be done, but I’ll let you see it anyway if you promise to not laugh!

Landing Page