A walk

Here is the impressions from today when I was out and about seeing the little nature path that I will be trying to get upgraded as part of my next project.

Play with me, begs the wind,
and tugs at the copper,
pushes the golden,
orange and green
into a clay-grey puddle
of captured autumn sky.

Time-lapsed clouds
race over molten lead
above the capony.

Catkins and nuts
burst like campfire
under my feet.

Puffballs spiky white,
Oysters clammed up beneath bridges,
Jew’s ear listening for the sound of elderberries
swaying in the wind
and 3 pheasant torpedos,
offset over rows of ditches.

Deer at dusk…

Dusk at midday in the drizzly
airborne dampness
of late October,
bridges leaning –
compartmentalised compartments
at Wounded Tree.

Scented Sitka.
Sudden reminders of
chainsaws, stuck trailers,
sore backs and silent rain
just like this.

The warm smell of oily
tangible fumes,
wood chips warm to the touch.
The first snow
melting down my back
and caught in dad’s eyebrows.

Accending, under sizeable oaks,
fields lie narrow
with borders of blue-deep
coniferous mystery.

Fire. Light.

Darkness wraps around me,
a blanket knitted with stars.
Hands curl
around mugs of hot chocolate.

Mind calms
restless senses
sitting beneath the ticke-ti-tick
of rain on leaves
behind me.


Copyright U-CrAc – Maybe we get one that says 2014?

From next week, I will be doing a 3 week workshop on User-Driven Innovation together with other degrees. We will be working to provide solutions to problems presented to us by companies through cases, and we will be meeting with them to model something that they can use.

Fieldwork – documenting customer journeys, interviewing and observing, before moving onto ideation, bouncing ideas off the company representative and each other across several fields, and developing concepts which will be presented to the company and 300 people on the final day.

I think it will be great. And a little bit daunting. But I think it should be.

U-CrAc Concepts – Videos