Just back from holiday

That was nice – two weeks in my beloved Forest of Dean followed by a week in Rome. I will get onto making a proper post soon, but let’s get this lovely relaxed picture out there. It’s from the Oriental Art Museum in Rome (Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale).



Ninja Exhibition

It all started like a bit of a joke. Well, a joke and a need to show how an exhibition could look, for the project on Body Image which is due to be handed in next Monday. So we wanted to put a few pictures on a white wall, take a few photos and just get the feel across as an appendix to the project.

Then my group mate said – shame we can’t do it for real- would be fun to do it here, at school. And I didn’t like her disappointed face, so I believe I said something like… why don’t we do a ninja exhibition, exclusively short, only a few hours, next Wednesday – invite the others – we’ll do it in the sneaky corner under the stairs.

Don’t we have to ask first?

Nope, we’ll ask for foregiveness if needed, but no one should be bothered by a few pictures on an otherwise empty wall.

That’s when the printer then decided to not want to print colours.

I’d already started the day by introducing my group mate to croquis – not quite right but I’d found a few pictures for us to draw from on the smartboard and thrown some crayons at her and said: Draw! And she’d blushed and laughed and got on with it and now we had the other part of the exhibition: The Life Models. Hers would be the photographs of natural women.

I’m sure it will be fun. Primitive. Ninja’d. But fun.