Workshop in Switzerland

Next month, I will be going to Switzerland to participate in the ACEEPT workshop, where will we be working with the the ‘Improving the Tourism Experience through Authenticity’. I will be travelling with fellow students and a lecturer and we have been asked to solve some pretasks – a presentation of ourselves, a best practice example from Denmark and so on.

This video by Alpage Productions has just been put on the webpage – maybe you want to have a look at their teaser?

I’m looking forward to the project week and meeting all the new people. However, because I am also busy with lots of tasks around my new project, I can feel a bit busy at times – but hey ho!

Authenticity is such a complicated concept. It seems that the objective authenticity is extremely hard to find anymore, and maybe that’s not the most engaging form either. The constructivistic sense of authenticity where my experiences are created and my feelings are true, regardless the authenticity of the objects is perhaps more suitable – and easier to locate. However, the existential form of authenticity where I can be my true self, where I feel like I have come home to myself – probably that’s the form which appeals to me more.

It will be interesting to see how I feel about it after the workshop.