Philosophy of Science

On these pages, I will try to collect some information which will allow students to more easily understand the ontology, epistemology and methods of our field, as well as some main theories from the multiple fields of importance to the Natural and Cultural Heritage Manager.

I am by no means an expert on these topics, however, I hope that we can learn together.

I am going to structure the pages so that the predominant view within the field is explained first. This will reflect the state of the art as well as my personal reflections based on the lectures I have witnessed. To supplement this main current, a few further positions are explained, that students will often encounter and which may shed light on certain topics.

As most students will be aware, theories can be described as a set of glasses we put on, a filter through which we see the world. In our programme, you are free to choose which glasses to wear as long as they are suitable for what you want to focus on. Similarly, methods can be understood as tools and in this programme, no one forces you to dig a hole with a paintbrush or peel potatoes with a hammer, so to speak.

Because the programme is structured around Problem-Based Learning, you are free to select these tools in order to create knowledge about the field you are investigating. However, you are then also responsible for making sure that you have selected them based on sound judgement and that you apply the best ones you can find.

That’s where I hope this little guide might prove valuable to you.

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