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National Trust Gower

As the days get shorter, and a chill  is felt in the morning, there’s no disputing Autumn is here, and it’s my favourite time of year. But I can’t help but look back and pay homage to the summer we’ve just had.


Now, life as a National Trust ranger is always an enjoyable experience, doing rewarding work in beautiful landscapes, but with a slight change of emphasis on the job front, this year, I found I had to spend a lot of time at Rhossili. I’m still doing work that looks after our wildlife and countryside, but there’s also an element of encouraging everyone to get the most out of their visit. I know, you’re feeling my pain, I’m sure! My life was, literally, a beach.

Rhossili gets about 500,000 visitors every year. Some walk along the cliffs and some walk down to the beach, and most times of the year…

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Presentation on experience of internship

I’m a member of the Education Board for my education and we’ve just been moved from the communication and teaching faculty to the business faculty. Our new Head of Studies has asked me to give a presentation at the next board meeting on Wednesday on my experience of my internship. A 5 month placement/internship is an integrated part of the education and they would like to know which parts of the education have been useful? How well did the host expectations match up with my abilities? Is there anything which in my opinion should be altered to make for a better experience?

I have been asking around to get a broader perspective and my fellow students have been really helpful as well.

Now will see how it goes on Wednesday but it should be good fun to have the chance to speak uninterrupted for 15 minutes. Haha!

Of course, the most important thing is making sure things run even more smoothly next year.


Trying to formulate a framework for Natural and Cultural Heritage Management

It’s not my job of course and I’m not even sure it’s possible for a student to do it, but it seems we are often uncertain what is the core elements of our programme, probably because it is multidisciplinary and also rather new. I had a few discussions with other students recently and some have been a little bewildered.

As I am at the same time trying to prepare myself for my Bachelor’s thesis, which I have to write in the spring, and this would involve a lot of thinking about our field, the philosophy of science, the methods and theories we use and the world view they represent.

I hope that these things might prove useful also to some of my fellow students.


Lovely Geopark Visit

WaterfallsFor the past couple of weeks, I have been in Wales, getting familiar with the Fforest Fawr Geopark within the Brecon Beacons and it’s people. The purpose of my trip was twofold: First of all, I needed to experience something new, have a break from it all and just unwind. And secondly, as I work with a Danish Geopark in the making, I wanted to experience how they had done it elsewhere, and perhaps pick up some tips and tricks.

I stayed with locals using Airbnb, travelled around with public transport, tasted local food, attempted to speak Welsh though my success was rather limited, alas. I visited and took notes at visitor centres, churches, museums and other places of interest – and took a lot of pictures of displays and solutions to interpretation challenges.

Furthermore, I had the chance to once again visit Forest of Dean and Wye Valley, go for a few nice long walks, learn more about the geology of my favourite place and well, get stung by some 8 foot high nettles behind a quarry somewhere.

It was a really nice trip, even though I missed my return flight and had to go via Hamburg and sit someplace silly in a railway station at 3am in the morning waiting for a connecting train. I will sort through some pictures and upload a few for you soon.