After a while of travelling back and forth between Denmark and the UK, I have now finally joined the Meet and Greet volunteers at Pont-ar-Daf, the main access point to Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons. This area is owned by the National Trust and it is for them that I will be volunteering, helping walkers find their way, stay safe and enjoy their visit to the highest point in the South of the UK.

Pen y Fan is 886, so a few feet short of a mountain, but along with Corn Du at 873, and other big iconic hills, offers stunning views of the beautiful Welsh landscape at its feet.


The National Trust are doing a massive amount of work maintaining the trails, preventing trail widening and erosion. Each year, tonnes of local rock is airlifted in, and laid by hand by volunteers and staff, making sure that these beautiful areas don’t crumble under the weight of the footfall. For this reason, Meet and Greet volunteers also collect donations and sell postcards and books from the small info shack at Pont-ar-Daf.

I will be going there again this afternoon, and look forward to meeting a couple of the other volunteers, and to engage with the public who come from all over the world. Today, probably we will have more visitors than Tuesday, when there was sideways rain and low-hanging cloud.

These pictures are from the end of August but the area is beautiful all year round. Normally the temperature is 10 degrees less at the top, and it can be quite windy, so remember good boots, a jacket – and check the local forecast.

See you there?


Presentation on experience of internship

I’m a member of the Education Board for my education and we’ve just been moved from the communication and teaching faculty to the business faculty. Our new Head of Studies has asked me to give a presentation at the next board meeting on Wednesday on my experience of my internship. A 5 month placement/internship is an integrated part of the education and they would like to know which parts of the education have been useful? How well did the host expectations match up with my abilities? Is there anything which in my opinion should be altered to make for a better experience?

I have been asking around to get a broader perspective and my fellow students have been really helpful as well.

Now will see how it goes on Wednesday but it should be good fun to have the chance to speak uninterrupted for 15 minutes. Haha!

Of course, the most important thing is making sure things run even more smoothly next year.


Time for the Career Day

We’ve finally managed to put together a really nice program for the Career Day where we expect to see upto 100 students from the program for an interesting day with speeches from alumni, potential employers and the trade union.

I can’t wait to see how it all goes. I will be speaking as well – about the Geopark I work with.

A fellow student has made this banner for us, too.


A walk

Here is the impressions from today when I was out and about seeing the little nature path that I will be trying to get upgraded as part of my next project.

Play with me, begs the wind,
and tugs at the copper,
pushes the golden,
orange and green
into a clay-grey puddle
of captured autumn sky.

Time-lapsed clouds
race over molten lead
above the capony.

Catkins and nuts
burst like campfire
under my feet.

Puffballs spiky white,
Oysters clammed up beneath bridges,
Jew’s ear listening for the sound of elderberries
swaying in the wind
and 3 pheasant torpedos,
offset over rows of ditches.

Deer at dusk…

Dusk at midday in the drizzly
airborne dampness
of late October,
bridges leaning –
compartmentalised compartments
at Wounded Tree.

Scented Sitka.
Sudden reminders of
chainsaws, stuck trailers,
sore backs and silent rain
just like this.

The warm smell of oily
tangible fumes,
wood chips warm to the touch.
The first snow
melting down my back
and caught in dad’s eyebrows.

Accending, under sizeable oaks,
fields lie narrow
with borders of blue-deep
coniferous mystery.

Fire. Light.

Darkness wraps around me,
a blanket knitted with stars.
Hands curl
around mugs of hot chocolate.

Mind calms
restless senses
sitting beneath the ticke-ti-tick
of rain on leaves
behind me.

‘Home Front Dean’ Commemoration Event Brings the First World War 

‘Home Front Dean’ Commemoration Event Brings the First World War 

I think I might need to visit when I come to the Forest. A shame I will miss the event, but might catch the exhibition.

Visit the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean

2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War and the Dean Heritage Centre, in Soudley, has a weekend of activities planned to commemorate the centenary.

Centre staff will be polishing their buttons and shining their boots as they prepare for a special “Home Front Dean” event on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd  August 2014.

The two day event will be a commemorative weekend with nostalgic music from the ‘Marjorie Belles’ singing trio and the Forest of Dean Male Voice Choir, ration themed cooking demonstrations from Harts Barn Cookery school, engaging theatre from ‘Spaniel in the Works’ and fascinating talks by the FW Harvey society.

malevoicechoir Forest of Dean Male Voice Choir

Matthew Lightstone will be showing his 2013 short film ‘Ralph’. The film is a moving account based on the true story of his great, great uncle’s time in the war…

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